We can assist with advances in scientific knowledge using clinical research, such as conducting investigations using Evidence-based medicine(EBM) especially with investigator-initiated studies. With our various investigator support experiences, we have built a broad Japanese investigator network that is highly competent in the field of clinical research.

  • Consulting services
    • Project management for clinical studies
    • Regulatory support
    • Research organization management consulting
  • Operating service
    • SOP preparation support
    • Document preparation suach as Protocol, IB, CRF and Informed consent material
    • Regulatory support (GCP Compliance Review, Safety Information Report)
    • Coordination with IND supplier
    • Risk-based monitoring planning and support (Central monitoring, Targeted monitoring, SDV sampling)
    • Training (GCP training, CRA training, on the job training, etc.)


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Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0021, Japan